TamTam Flash GPS Torch for Travelers

TamTam Flash torch is not just another torch used for finding your lost objects in the house, but is more than a torch as it not only light illuminates your way but lets you navigate routes via GPS facility. In case you are a globetrotter, and you are poor in remembering the routes, then this torch will be a nice gift for you. So, with this GPS torch you can discover your routes without the need of a guide and enjoy your personal tours playfully. The element of discovery makes one’s tour adventurous and exciting, but there are some people who love adventure and are afraid to undertake it as they are foreigners or they do not know much about the places they are in, for them devices like TamTam are things to treasure.

TamTam Flash torch is a pocket friendly nifty gadget concept designed by Designaffairs Studio that lets you feel at home even on foreign lands as you will be able to walk through the cities like the inhabitants. This intuitive method of navigation can be projected on any surface, so you need not worry even if you are standing amidst the road. Just switch on to make the zoomable navigation map on the path and follow it like a spy. So, I would say you to get lost and cherish the real fun of exploring different places. In order to use the map, you can turn the aperture and zoom in or out the map or just turn on the map mode. This Tam Tam light is so intelligent that it can also read your QR tags which are placed to highlight the places of interest like restaurants, amusement parks, shopping malls, clubs and even hospitals.

If you would have seen The 9 Volt Awesome Flash Lamp, you would say we don’t like that much after knowing about this TamTam light that offers dual functionality as a torch and a portable GPS device. I know many of us do not take out our GPS devices once we step out of the car, nor we use mobiles for locating places as the application being heavier makes out smartphone restart. So, this light becomes something very useful yet trendy, you won’t feel bad to carry this small device as its looks are also appealing. The only bad thing is that this is just a concept like the Multi-Light USB Memory Stick, we don’t know whether this TamTam concept will turn into a reality or not.

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