The Xbox 360 Coffin Sends Off Your Xbox In Style

The Xbox 360 though amazing in performance has one big glitch, the hardware is just not reliable enough with the official warranty providers saying that the failure rate is about 23.7%; and these problems have  finally taken their toll on Alexis Vanamois (An Australian Designer) who went ahead and created a coffin design to send off the Xbox with dignity.

This Accessory is the perfect tool to dispose of your ‘bricked’ Xbox 360 in and if you want to erase all memories of the console (that turned out to be a complete waste of your money) there is a small compartment the will offer a sung fit for the controller as well. The coffin comes in a shade of respectable black and instead of a cross has the PROD symbol attached to the lid (because we can’t just go ahead and call the thing Christian now can we?)

Also, with the booming reject market with the Xbox 360 this coffin will definitely be a big hit to those who want to get rid of their old consoles with a little finesse or for those PS3 owners who wish to gift their Xbox playing counterparts a very interesting carry case.

However if this All Spark Xbox case mod were to get bricked finding a suitable coffin would be a problem…along with the Xbox 720 design.

via:[PC World]