GigaPan EPIC Pro DSLR Camera Mount: Dream Of Every Professional Photographer

With the revolutionary introduction of GigaPan EPIC Pro DSLR Camera mount, the professional photographers will now get a new dimension to fight their photography challenges, as this powerful and accurate, yet easy-to-operate DSLR camera mount is what every professional photographer has been dreaming of.
With loads of special features including large lens support, DSLR compatibility, precision accuracy, onboard bubble level, highly visible screen and many more, the unit stands ahead from all other camera mounts. Strong, yet marked with durability and light-weight, GigaPan EPIC Pro is featured with advance technology to make it stand as the leader in gigapixel imaging. Other outstanding features include, its multiple triggering option, optimized range of motion and remote trigger port. The device also comes with a rechargeable battery pack with charger.
Designed to meet high-level challenges, the GigaPan EPIC Pro camera mount is just perfect to capture multi-gigapixel panoramas with incredible clarity and resolution. Priced $895, this revolutionary camera mount is all set to be available in April. And if you’re really serious enough, you can sign up to get a notification mail when the device is available to order. If you’re now planning to go ahead with a career in photography, you might also be interested in Canon EOS-450D DSLR Camera or the cool Nova Cellphone DSLR Concept.