Don’t Worry Connor, It’s Just A Replica Of T-800 Terminator!

The world was never the same after Arnie’s ‘The Terminator’ was released way back in 1984 and they once again stormed the world with ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ ; the story and special effects being way ahead of it’s time, even better than most of the movies today and this replica of the T-800 terminator is just an awesome treat for the Terminator fans all over.

This 1:1 scale replica is a bust(as in sculpture) of the T-800 terminator’s endoskull which has a fine chrome finish, having acrylic teeth! it also has Red colored electronic light-up eyes to give it the same cool scary look that the original one possessed and unlike it’s prior 1:2 scale replica release, this one is provided with 2 blue LED’s that glow from the neck upward towards the head giving an awesome alarming look to the skull. This terminator skull also has an upgraded in-built speaker and the experience cannot to expressed in words when you turn it on, it ‘s sharp flashy eyes lit up along with the blue LED’s while it plays the original licensed theme song but this terminator head would have really come to life if it said ” hasta la vista, baby”.

I bet a true terminator fan won’t be able to resist himself from grabbing this one for when it hits the market! Although you need to shell out a little more for it’s priced at $599.99!

(p.s beware of all your friends who would envy you after you make this yours!)

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