Hornet Superbike for Gyro Lovers

If you look at as this one wheeled superbike, the very stylish and the very hi-tech “Hornet”, you would say that the technological advancements have reached its pinnacle. This superbike, together with marveling the whole world has managed to win the very prestigious VACC competition too. With the super speed of 235 km/h and many alluring features this superbike has become the heart-throb of all.

Designed by Liam Ferguson, “Hornet” carries a state-of-the-art look and the striking thing about this superbike that can make anyone go crazy and feel for it is its single wheel formula. The add-ons of the “Hornet” are its dual 74 hp (55 kW) in-wheel hydrogen fuel-cell six-phase Neodymium-Iron (Nd-Fe) electric motors that have provided this bike with a storming speed and made it the swiftest mode of transportation.

gyro superbike design

Though on first look, one can see its giant single wheel only but in addition to this, there are two miniature wheels too on both the sides which work good for balancing the bike. So, while perking this bike, these two side-by-side small wheels make it easy to stand gyroscopically. When the biker rides on it and starts the bike, these small wheels go up and leave the central big wheel to run on itself.

The good things and advantages of this bike are really a lot but in comparison to those, the disadvantages too are not so less. For being a single wheel bike, it gets quite tough at times to control this bike and it demands the biker to be quite an expert and experienced for that. At any time while riding it, the “Hornet” may go out of control and hence, the biker will have to be very careful regarding that. Also, driving it at slower speed is not possible and you always will have to ride it in a high speed as in slow speeds it gets tough to balance this superbike for its single wheel design.

future superbike gyro

Moreover, this bike is quite bulky too and that too makes it go out of control for the rider. This superbike weighs almost 176 kilograms and it is for this bulky weight that maneuvering the “Hornet” gets difficult. But disadvantages apart, the “Hornet” have brought a revolutionary change to the technological world and there is no doubt about that.

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gyro hornet superbike

Via: Thedesignblog