Cute Shark iPhone Case: If Jaws Owned an iPhone!

shark iphone pouch

We have seen many various and creative iPhone cases before, but Jaws fans would just want to get their hands on this one for it is dangerously cute.

cool shark iphone case

The Shark iPhone Case is a cool and cute knitted case that is made perfectly for the iPhone but could be used for other gadgets and products. With its large fin and eyes, it could definitely grab the attention of any onlooker and snap them away from what they were doing. Even more, with the Shark teeth to wrap around the iphone, it looks as if it is an extra protective measure from prying hands, yet they could not hurt a fly.

shark iphone cover

It is available for only $16 from Chris and Yaya and could make a tremendous present for iPhone fans who are looking for a different kind of case then all others. Still, if you are interested in unique covers that not many carry around, then make sure to check out the Swiss Cheese iPhone Case or the Bacon and Eggs iPhone Cover.

shark iphone case

Thanks Kate for the tip!

cute shark iphone case

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