Ecocoon Earpiece is Made to Soothe your Ears

With the bustling city life, noise has increased a lot and to save your ears from this noise, designaffairs has come up with ecocoon, a hearing aid that can help your ears to stay calm. All of us know that life is running very fast; like the water in the upper course of the river, we all are running towards our goals tirelessly. But, somewhere in our hearts dwell the desire of staying calm and relaxed, to which we don’t pay a heed due to our busy schedules and pre-planned engagements. One has to be available 24 hours a day like a machine and this is because of the time differences in countries one has to follow such a schedule. Due to this hectic life, the longing for relaxing and peace is increasing, so some people do move towards destinations like the Spas, but again not all people can do the same.

Ecocoon, thus, is the new concept of DesignAffairs that promises to control the overstimulation even in the public spaces and make your ears get relaxed. The noises we hear have a direct influence on the functions of our body, for example, if we hear vibrant music, our blood would flow at a faster pace and if we listen to calm music, our blood will flow at a slower pace making our body relaxed. The Ecocoon will debar the sounds from entering your ear coccon. It will wipe out the acoustic stimuli entering your ears and adjust the frequencies as per the environment you are in. The user will not hear the background noise and this would make the respiration and heart beating composed.

The ecocoon has a pulsating light that also indicates the heart beat status, an adjustable pulse reading unit, two silicone caps for perfect fit and a switch to adjust frequencies. Let us see in detail how this ecocoon works, in the traffic mode, ecocoon depresses the peak frequencies, in office mode, it suppresses mid range frequencies and in Offline mode, it blocks all external frequencies and the wearer can only hear his own breath and pulse leading to slow down of respiration and calming down of the body.

Now, this made me remember the yogic meditation, in case you can not concentrate on your breathing, you can wear it and this can be very helpful for concentration. Even the person who designed this could not have thought that this gadget can also be used in Yoga. If you liked this reversed hearing aid that lets you listen from inside to outside, you may also like to read Bluetooth Hearing Aid Design and Deafinite Style.