Do you Have What it Takes to Build R2-D2 Mod?

Ask the average person to name some characters from the Star Wars movies, and the majority of the time R2D2 will be in the top 5. You can’t get this snarky droid out of your head anyway, so why not build an R2D2 Mod companion for yourself? This is exactly what one modder did (named Victor) and the results are quite impressive. It must be a running theme to build a popular character from a long-lived franchise and them throw them together with an attractive young woman (or 2, that’s just how Optimus Prime rolls). Heck despite the impressive craftstmanship most of the comments from the post are some variation of “Who is that GIRL!?” Come on guys, let’s focus here.

So how did such an impressive copy of the popular Star War’s robot get built? Well I can start by saying the undertaking isn’t for the faint of heart. You’ll need a lot of wood, glue, metal bits, and a plethora of power tools. If you watch the video (linked in the original post), construction actually first began on July 2nd 2005. It continues on with various construction scenes and scraps and a variety of friends helping out. After what seems to be quite a long construction process, we’re met with a picture dated February 03, 2006. By then, R2 is able to stand on his own, but that’s just the legs and bulk of his frame. Hey, R2 doesn’t come cheap OR easy.

Still, the droid looks just shy of finished at the one year mark and that’s an impressive feat by any measure. It looks like a small price to pay considering how popular this little guy is. Victor has a whole slew of pictures from various events where R2’s clever clone is present, so it’s definitely worth checking out. He even got to have lunch with Weird Al Yankovich! One might his creator has too much time on his hands, but I bet he has a lot more to show for his efforts than I do playing Dragon Age for some untold amount of hours. Where’d I put that Xbox controller anyway…..

Via: Geeky Gadgets