Mario and Princess Peach Carved ‘Jesus-like’ to Signify “Game Over”

Mario maniacs have no end-limit, and most everyone is still rather super jazzed with this little man and his ongoing adventures throughout the Nintendo sphere, but to depict the true meaning of game over, this artist has beautifully designed a concept on Mario, Princess Peach and Jesus. This incredible concept just makes you look at your hero from a different perspective.

The most heart touching concept I have ever come across, this La Pietá shows Mary cradling Jesus in her lap after he has been crucified, carved by a 24-year-old Michelangelo. But as one can see, the statue was vandalized in the early 1970s when an Australian geologist took a hammer to the sculpture. The work resides in St. Peter’s Basilica behind bullet proof and hammer proof glass.

But with Super Mario Brothers passion on with fresh concepts and fusions, and with super-Mario coming in full actions, I guess it requires to go to the next level of creativity, and with immense efforts put in by Kordian Lewandowski, its bound to win every heart.

Lewandowski’s creative design carved for “Game Over” is made from a large block of polystyrene foam, while it features Peach holding Mario in her arms. The work is gaming’s take on Michelangelo’s sculpture. Who would have thought Mario in such Avatar? This deadly combination of creativeness with your beloved character manages to create an awesome masterpiece of art. I guess the final picture of this art explains it all.

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Via: Kotaku