Steampunk Computer Design: Perfect Fusion Of Victorian Style With Newest Technology

Steampunk is just going out of control with each passing day, and this Steampunk Computer by Old Time Computer is yet another brilliant form of Steampunk art. In a word, this piece of work is an ideal example of skilled craftsmanship with a blend of modern technology.

Steampunk Computer

The Steampunk Computer is just any other desktop computer that we use every other day. It is a perfect fusion of old Victorian style and latest technology. It is rather a customized art work made with wood and melted bronze just in right amount to give an amazing effect. The custom made keyboards, the wooden framed monitors with a touch of shining bronze are just enough to take you back to your forgotten days powered by newest technology.

Steampunk Computer By Old Time Computer

Honestly speaking, the Steampunk Computer is not only just a center piece of art, but is fully functional. It is probably one of the finest functional desktop computer systems. In a word the Steampunk Computer is not just about machines and technology. It is rather a bigger movement, where machines are built with a sense of art to look clean and perfect. For more Steampunk art, check back with The Steampunk Iron Man Helmet and Steampunk Coilgun Pistol.

Old Time Computer Via: [Yanko Design]