Behind a Good Shave There Is Kristen Beck’s Futuristic Razor Design


Shaving is something which almost every kid thinks of doing one day and almost every male starts doing in between the age of fifteen to eighteen. I know it’s pretty hard to shave using those razors as none of them remove the hair at one go and after using for some time, the blades become so blunt that you literally have to rub the blades back and forth to remove the hair. During this, numerous cuts and bruises are experienced. Now thanks to “Kristen Beck”, shaving will be easier and stylish than ever.

I know it’s surprising that a woman has designed a razor, which is usually to be used by Men, but I guess this proves that as behind every successful Man, there is a Woman. In the same way, from now, behind every successful shave, there will be Kristen Beck. This “Braun Continuum: The Future of High-End Grooming” will just transform your shaving experience.

This shaving device does not only excel in efficiency but its looks are aesthetically critically killer. Its metallic body enables it to stay with you with many more years to come and without deteriorating in looks. The blades might not stay that long but the body will be everlasting.


This one doesn’t only looks killer but its features are the primary reason, make it a futuristic concept. It has a rumbling drive shaft which has been exposed through a ball and socket joint. With a free floating connecting ring, a full range of pivot is possible making it damn flexible. The buttons used are head release buttons which are very easy to control. It’s soft touching strip ensures stability while shaving.

There are two types of heads with different blades which enables different styles of cutting. After locking the blade, the guard can be adjusted by sliding forward the guide button and aligning it with the desired mm length. The body has been installed with such a technology enabling it to recognizing the head and adjusting the speed and rumbling accordingly. Its ball and socked design enables excellent head flexibility, ensuring the movement on every contour of the face.

It comes in a Jet Black Case where the Razors are kept neat and clean. Sadly this is just a concept designed for Braun to promote and I know that it will be in future. Actually this concept gives us a glimpse of what awaits us in future.

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