The iChime Programmable Doorbell ‘Rings A Bell’ In More Than One Way

The modern world is a one of constant change with technology leading the way, but amongst all this change the one thing about ones life that seldom changes is the doorbell. However now, even the boring doorbell to fall pray to claws of technology which has given birth of this programmable doorbell, christened the ichime.

This new design replaces the ding dong of the normal doorbell with a multitude of sounds that the user is free to pick from and for those who have slightly different tastes (say like heavy metal), the iChime allows the user to upload six custom sounds from from your CD’s, mp3 or even if it comes down to it…live audio.

The iChime has been designed to an easy to install gadget that can replace the existing door bells with no change to the existing hardware and also comes equipped to run on battery power (4AA alkaline batteries) if necessary. But the most interesting feature by far is that one can set it to go off when someone walks through your door; which would a great way to scare the crap out of an employee entering his bosses cabin (I’d suggest getting it to say, You’re Fired!)

The only drawback to this amazing gadget would be that is comes in boring colors, but otherwise the iChime sure blows the wind out of and other chimes out in the market. But as we all know the door bell is a two part, device the speaker and the button and this Hi-tech doorbell would be a great concept for the former half. By the way this cool gadget retails for just $89.99.

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