Give wings to your creativity with Lego BlockCar Toy

If you are a Lego enthusiast, you will certainly enjoy the BlockCar from Lego that comes with 108 bricks, 4 wheels and 2 taillights. Even though critics may point how harmful the plastic parts are, the BlockCar has a fantastic look for sure.

Lego BlockCar

Though this is not an official product from Lego, the BlockCar can help you make the most of some general ideas. You can pile the bricks onto a motorized platform, creating the multicolored car that you have always wanted to have as your own. This way, you can give life to your deepest imagination using these Lego bricks. However, once you have admired it to your heart’s content, detach the blocks once again to build a new shape that stretches your imagination further. Best yet, it runs for only $22.

Lego BlockCar-2

So, bring various designs to life using the BlockCar from Lego and bask in your creativity.

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Via: Gizmodo