The Flip-Top GameCube Gaming Goes Portable

For die hard gamers, what could be the most impressive and important thing that he/she has seen that is related to an existing gaming console? The answer to this question is the portable and handy flip top GameCube.

Mike Szczys has come up with an amazing “hack” or in layman terms a “solution”. What he has done is that he has transformed the famous Nintendo GameCube into an amazing portable hand-held machine that you could carry around in your backpack. No nuisance connecting it to a television, or looking for the right power supply to power the machine. No waiting for the power guy to work on the grid during power outages. It’s the ultimate solution to the issues mentioned above.


The product is a shiny re-incarnation of the GameCube, only it’s much smaller and looks very snazzy. The best part of this product is the fact that the screen opens by a single flip revealing the optical drive underneath. It’s like an underground tunnel under an already beat back subway. In other words, magic. What more could a person want, all the games available on the Nintendo GameCube available to play on the small screen but with the same game play.

It indeed is a unique product. If you wish to travel to another city and don’t really read books, this could help to keep you entertained throughout the time period of your journey. Nintendo indeed has come up with amazing stuff for the video game consumer, it’s rather interesting console called the Nintendo entertainment system (NES) and the evolved version of the NES, the Super Nintendo entertainment system (SNES). After that there were the market success stories Nintendo 64 and the GameCube. Super Mario has indeed played a very pivotal role in making this brand so very famous amongst video game lovers.

The Flip-top GameCube would also enable you to showcase or rather showoff what you possess. I’m sure a lot of people would feel deprived and want to get their hands on this when they set their eyes on it. Like I said before, it’s shiny so one of the bases of its appeal is the “look element”. The other thing that interested me was the buttons. They remind me of the old arcade games I used to go and play. Ah the lovely street fighter days. For anyone who was an arcade game addict, this would prove as an important addition.

To end it, this thing is indeed one of the most fascinating things I’ve seen and now of all times, I really wish I had it with me. Other portable gaming machines to look at include the PSP Bugatti Veyron Edition and the Portable GameCube Mod.

Via: Hack A Day