Rubik’s Cube of Doom for the Visually Impaired and Common Man

There have been several cool gadgets for the visually impaired but have you seen gadgets designed for the use of both those who use the power of touch to see as well as the normal average guy? Well, I guess designer Brian Doom had exactly that planned in mind when he created this Rubik’s cube, doomed to catch your attention.

What makes this cube differ from the others? Well each face has a unique color, shape, and texture. While the yellow face has a round mushroom- shaped plug attached with a smooth wooden texture; the white square has a raised square with rubber texture and the blue square has a circular self adhesive coaster dot with fluffy texture. The red square was changed to black as it looked too much like orange in the dark and a screw was drilled in.

A few years ago Mr. Doom simply drilled and glued an existing cube to make this unique cube puzzle. His goal was to get an intuitive sense of where the cubes went when they were moved while solving the puzzle and this cube made it possible to do so, since while viewing the front you can feel the cubes being moved at the back. This makes it a great play in the dark as well as an enhancement to those who see through the sense of touch, without sacrificing its usability for us common men.

Way to go Brian!

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