Funny Super Mario Dog Costume Comforts Your Puppy

Mario fans are known to project their love for the Super Mario Bros. on any object or person they choose to, and this time around the object of Freudian projection happens to be a dog.

Here is a funny dog costume which is inspired by Mario from the Super Mario Bros. This cute red shirt, button-adorned blue overalls also comes with a coordinating M-embellished hat. If you prefer Luigi to Mario and if you have another dog as well, you could buy the Luigi costume.

However, if your dog happens to be female, there is no Princess Peach costume, which may deem the designer to be a sexist. Of course, this does not mean your female dog should not start cross dressing. The Mario dog costume costs $16.50 and is a great way to see your favorite gaming character in your dog, and be reminded of all the lovely times that you might have spent while playing the game.

Of course, there is no point in clothing animals anyway, for they can’t really “know” what the costume is all about, and they may even find being clothed uncomfortable. Nevertheless, you still could go ahead and indulge in self projection of gaming preferences by buying this costume. You could also try and read about the 1UP Mushroom Art and Super Mario Toast if you can’t get enough of this vintage game.

Via: Hawtymcbloggy