The Space Invaders Clock: Time Will Tell

What if you woke up in the morning, saw the clock and drifted away into the 80’s, and no, this is not a plot from a time machine oriented  movie because now with the Space Invaders hack clock, you can actually wake up and drift away into yester year and re-live your childhood.
With the advent of technology came countless possibilities to enhance daily use products into something that could incorporate game ideas, or cool music ideas etc. The Space Invaders clock is one of many such examples, as it includes one of the pioneers in laying foundation to the video game industry of today. So for all the people who play and enjoy call of duty, look at Space Invaders and appreciate the fact that this game, as simple and two dimensional as it is, could qualify to be called an ancestor. The Space invaders clock looks pretty sleek and cool with its black frame and blue space invaders graphics. It could very well b e a collector’s item for fans of the video game series.
You could use it on your side-table or on your coffee table or simply take it with you to work and become the person everyone envies. The Space Invaders clock is not just a frame accommodating the space invaders video game hack, it actually shows time, so to ward off any misconceptions, it is an actual clock that tells time. If you would’ve asked me a year or two ago if I would be psyched about a clock that tells time and also has a Space Invaders hack, I would probably shrug and say “okay” , but now when I remember my childhood and how me and my brother used to fight over who got to play Space Invaders first on our Atari console, I smile and immediately want to get my hands on it somehow, or as the saying goes “by hook or by crook is all what it took” .
A very welcome sight indeed, oh and for people who think it’s too old fashioned or perhaps just a waste of energy or time to get it or actually sit down and copy the “hackers” codes and make yourself one of these. Its technology and it’s revolutionary. I wish someday I could be that computer proficient to copy hacks and make myself one of these clocks, but if you lack the skills like me you can always amuse yourself with the Chocolate Space Invaders or the Space Invader Face spoofs.