Paper Freddy Krueger Knows Where You Sleep

Maybe I’m in just the right age bracket that Freddy Krueger did in fact terrify me when I was a kid, but I think this papercraft version of the famous horror villain is a great adaptation. So ok, he may not be as cool when you compare him to the World of Warcraft Papercraft (or the Boomkin in his natural habitat…too cute if you ask me), but he’s still in the running!

If you’re a horror fan you have to pick one of these up, as he presents a lighter decoration than your average horror items like gore-filled posters or just-shy-of-too-realistic sculptures. Now if you’re giving the toy a once over, you’re probably wondering why this guy has extra long arms. Well the author thought of that you see. If you’ve ever seen the very first Elm Street movie created by Wes Craven all the way back in 1984 you probably can recall the original scene that the papercraft is based on. I had to look it up myself to figure out what they were talking about,  since the movie was almost before my time. Almost.

In the original story Freddy was actually killed by a lynch mob. So naturally to get his revenge he goes after the children of the original lynch mob members (stalking old people isn’t as fun) that killed him. At the time it was pretty damn terrifying even if it seems hilariously bad now. I mean come on, a ghost that can kill you in your sleep while you dream? Particularly scary since you have to fall asleep sometime. The toy is actually a bit more relevant now since they recently announced a remake of the original film which is set to be released at the end of April 2010. I’ll be in the back sucking my thumb on opening night, and I expect to see you there!

This creation was featured along with credit to it’s creator Jack Hankins over at Horrorwood Papercraft. The blog actually has a whole slew of demonic papercraft creations along with various other horror-oriented toys made from various paper bits. Many of them even have their own diorama background! If you’re curious you can check out the blog here.

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Via:  Papercraft Paradise