Uncle Sam Sticks It to The Terrorists with the Pacman Grenade

It is said that a battle can be won by intimidation alone and the US. Army is hard at work to achieve this goal, however some patriotic civilian thought he could better the odds for the army with the very intimidating Pacman shaped grenade; which serves death on a platter with a smile.

Packman grenade

Now whoever the designer may have been, he definitely had a twisted sense of humor to have conjured up something like this; imagine holed up terrorists being flushed out or blown to smithereens by these wacky bright yellow grenades raining down on them with a ear to ear smile on their spherical faces. Looks like something that only The Joker (The Batman version) would think of. As for the grenade itself, it definitely is or maybe was, a real grenade that fell into the hands of the designer who managed to contort its deadly properties into something funny. The shape and color of too of the grenade is a perfect match to the original with special attention being paid to the eyes which is one feature people fail to notice.

But on closer inspection one will notice that this is not a functional grenade because the cut made in the outer shell can be seen in the right-hand side corner. But if the U.S. Army really does take this Pacman thing seriously then they wouldn’t mind considering slipping a platoon or too in these Pacman suits and putting them no this Pacman only diet.

Thank you Tim for the image!