The Shining Cuckoo Clock

In the year 1980, Stanley Kubrick gave us all the greatest horror film of all time, The Shining, which was based on one of Stephen King’s horror novels. 30 years down the line, inspired from this horror classic, Artist Chris Domino gives us this Shining cuckoo clock, a perfect memento of that movie, similar to the Robot the Shining recreation in impact and creativity.

This clock succeeds to capture the historic moment from the film, where Jack Torrance begins chopping the door, with an axe, and then leers through the hole shouting the line, ‘’Here’s Johnny!’’.

The clock features a cut through door partially hiding Nicholson’s face and a Shelly Duval figure in the front kneeling down, holding a butcher knife. Beside the door rests the clock.

What makes this cuckoo clock even more horrifying and distinguishes it from any conventional and traditional cuckoo clocks is the fact that instead of a cuckoo bird chirping on the hour, it has Jack Nicholson’s head poking through the door shouting the now iconic line, ‘’Here’s Johnny!’’ after which the Shelly Duval figure screams to tell you the time.

As creepy as it sounds, this clock is bound to send shivers down your spine, thus, giving you a true experience of The Shining on the hour!

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Via: Rainbow Zombies Ate My Unicorn