The Jellyfish Inspired Keyboard Keyset

Who would have thought that when in 1968 Douglas Enterbart came up with the idea and design of a keyboard keyset, it would revolutionize into something as snazzy and cool as the jellyfish keyboard keyset.

Well, now you can because a person by the name of Erik Campbell has come up with exactly that, inspired by the jellyfish (a rather mystical organism indeed). For those of you who do not know what a keyboard keyset is, it’s basically the concept of a music keyboard amalgamated with the concept of a computer keyboard input device. The basic idea behind a keyset is that it’s a hand held gizmo that can be used as an alternative to a keyboard. For people who value science and value the fact that science can help them perform a certain task with much ease, this indeed was a welcome addition (The original keyset that is). It uses the chord theory which is that if you press a certain digit with a certain digit together, it forms one word. Sounds tricky? It isn’t. For those who get used to it, they wouldn’t transfer their work back to the usual keyboard. It’s a cunningly magical device.


Erik Campbell took inspiration from a jellyfish. The product that he then came up with is immaculately classy. I’m sure if a thousand years from now, the jellyfish evolve into complex creatures; they’d look back via history books and commend Erik Campbell on what he did for the jellyfish kingdom. I’m sure no one would like to actually use the original model of the keyset in the 21st century. Everyone wants the “expression or the look” to be spot on. The finish on the initial design is amazing because it is slick in black and red. I’d love to own this (if I knew how to use it in the first place). But for those of you who value design, quality and an expression. This would prove to be an awesome addition.


Life as it stands is one huge plethora of emotions, and every emotion leads to a different end product. I wouldn’t happen to know why Erik Campbell chose the jellyfish as his inspiration to evolve the keyset the way he did, but whatever inspired him sure did one hell of a good job. This is a layman view of it; the more technically poised people would also appreciate the technical proficiency that this product displays. It’s evident; it’s an awesome thing to have.


From the jellyfish to technology, life sure is a ride full of surprises.

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