Sliding PSP Concept with a 100% Retro Look

With every new day, there is a new invention of gadgets along with better concepts and the best use of technologies to provide amazing features to every user. And with the increase in use of Play station among kids, I guess the concept of Nick Kim’s gadget does the best justice.

This funky and modern design will just capture every kid’s attention, whenever they get their eyes on this gadget. As you can see from the pictures, this perfectly executed designs will definitely modify the suit of your tastes, with its perfect slim concept.

PSP - retro look

Created by Nick Kim, one of the greatest designer and industrialist has come around with this very slim PSP concept to take over your gamely imaginations.

What’s so great about this beautiful little master piece is that this console uses a sliding mechanism which actually hides its hot display beneath parts that incorporate the gaming buttons. But when you close this part, this geeky device looks like an old school controller. That’s not it. Because when the PlayStation Portable is opened, it looks as if the older version was cut in half and made more elegant and sport looking, although it looks a bit fragile at a first glance.

Don’t miss out on such a wonderful concept of PlayStation Portable, for this is just the perfect console for your kid at anytime!

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