Darth Vader Table Brings The Darkside To Your Dining Room

Star Wars Saga has had a definite impact on all it’s fans from every corner of the world and it’s frenzy continues as it’s incredible craze and love shows up in some way or the other like in form of books, games, toys and what not and this time it’s a Darth Vader Table as seen at Indie.Darth Vader Table

The Darth Vader Table is just like an ordinary dinning table with black back ground color having Darth Vader’s face on it along with its standard Star Wars logo. The table has circular surface which can folded into two semi circles to suit the need of the user and it has been designed for a perfect small family of 4; you can even use it for Planchit when your damn bored and the presence of Darth Vader would surely give the experience a whole new dimension! So go ahead and add this Darth Vader Table to your very own Star Wars collection; flaunt it while you have meals with your guests!

Now that you have your very own Darth Vader Table, serve the Star Destroyer Cake on it! or you could enjoy playing on the Star Wars Dart Board; still if you haven’t had enough of the Star Wars madness take a bath with the Star Wars Soap Bar and feel good!