Walyou Random Roundup [March 27, 2010]

We are proud to present you with another Walyou Random Roundup including many cool posts from around the web which are funny, geeky, weird, interesting and will provide some fun reading (or viewing).

metroid helmet cake

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Have a great weekend and enjoy the Roundup!

1. Super Metroid Helmet Cake Looks Scary (WiiNoob)

2. Real ‘Alien’ bar. Who needs a drink? (The Chive)

3. 25 Shamed Drunks (Holy Taco)

4. Math Genius Refuses $1 Million Prize (I Am Bored)

5. A Gaming Table You Can Eat Dinner On (Asylum)

6. Avatar 2: The Sequel (Neatorama)

7. The Red Ring Of Death Will Strike Twice At The Same Place! (XboxFreedom)

8. Two Indian students build the first cellphone-operated tractor  (GizmoWatch)

9. Samsung launches cool Android Galaxy S SmartPhone (Geek With Laptop)

10. Most Accurate Smartphone Touchscreen Test (Geeky Gadgets)

11. Not Bad: The A To Z Of Awesomeness Poster (Geekologie)

12. How Does Lady Gaga Like Her Steak? (the Daily What)

13. pCubee – Interactive personal cubic 3D display (TechChee)

14. The Safedriver Wireless Vehicle Monitor To Keep Away The Street Accident (GadgetHim)

15. KISS Footballers & Other Custom Kickers For Foosball Tables (If It’s Hip It’s Here)

16. Ultrarealistic David Lynch Face-Sculpture (Nerdcore)

17. Crochetdermy (Monster Munch)

18. World’s first Swarovski-studded iPad by CrystalRoc screams BLING (LuxuryLaunches)