Cleanliness Is Next To The Dustpan Vacuum Design

Sweeping is a relatively easy job to get done except that once you are done with the actual sweeping you have struggle to get the finer stuff into the dustpan; which over the years has been a major contributor in raising global blood pressures. However thanks to the modern saviour of mankind (technology), we’ve been given the dustpan vacuum to rid us of this problem.


The dustpan vacuum comes as a Godsend to anyone who sweeps on a regular basis by incorporating a small( but powerful enough) vacuum into the handle that sucks up the dirt without you having to struggle to scoop it up, And with futuristic concepts like the Mint cleaning robot being too expensive or just too futuristic for the present, the dustpan vacuum would be the prefect weapon to add to your maid’s arsenal. Now to add to the already effective design, designer Iigu Cha went ahead and attached a special brush to it that gets the job done even faster.


To conclude the dustpan vacuum is an amazing gadget for every day use; but if you want to get your kids to follow in Monica’s ( Monica, a.k.a the neat freak from Friends) footsteps, you could get started with the Roomba Pacman game that makes cleaning a game, literally!