XO Computer Sound Systems: Putting the Love Back in Sound

XO is usually a term in the modern day Internet age used to express love, and Nebojsa Glavonic did just that by designing a sound system in that incorporates both the letter X and O.

The sound engineering industry has seen a progress from stereo speakers to woofer systems to wooden speakers to revolutionary speakers that not only have unique designs but amazing clear sound. Clear and amazing sound is always an issue because if there is a bass woofer that relies on too much bass, the sound gets muffled, but if there is no bass, the treble kills the sound. The XO computer systems incorporate all these things and belt out the best sound possible.

The XO computer speakers is basically a 2.1 speaker system, now for the people who don’t know what this term means, 2.1 basically is 2 speakers and a sub-woofer. The sub-woofer and speaker set in the XO computer sound system are super attractive and very pleasing to look at. A retro design mixed with quality sound output is just what the –sound- doctor ordered, and that is exactly what this baby delivers.


The woofer has an on/off button and two knobs to control volume and bass. The speakers stand tall and co –ordinate with the woofer immaculately. For people who value the quality and clarity of sound, this product is most certainly a must buy. The design is as I mentioned earlier, revolutionary and the sound is amazing owing to the wooden structure of the product. The finish and paint job is very current and it would be a very welcome addition to any persons computer arsenal.


This came into existence as a result of an MS industries competition in which Nebojsa Glavonic participated and won a position, very rightly so. If I were to give this product a rating I’d give it 8 out of 10. Because I love a good sound product and this product comes across as something I would definitely want to get my hands on. Most people deny the fact that they don’t really like the “look” of a product, but in reality if there is a plain black product and a plain black product with blue neon lights; chances are that people would want to get the neon lights one simply because of the way it looks. “Appearances are deceptive” but when it comes to the XO computer sound system, the results are as good as the way the product looks.

XO computer sound systems are going to bring the love back to the sound world. Other sound systems worth looking into include the Apollo iPhone Sound Dock and the Rock-It Vibrating Speakers.