8-bit Hand Cursor Hangers Are Ideal for Geek Home Walls

NES games, computers and modern gadgets based  symbols, characters, logos, icons and every little thing of virtual space have inspired myriad range of products so why must the ubiquitous hand mouse-pointer cursor icon be spared? Here is 8-bit Hanger inspired by good old pixelated mouse-pointer and it really looks cool cute hanger to mount on your geek home walls to hang on your everyday stuff right from coats to bathroom towels.

8-bit mouse pointer hanger1

8-bit Hanger may seem a bit retro to modern geeks but then it gives one more reason to hang it on the walls as an ode to the true essence of first journeys into virtual space. Now with better computers, NES game consoles and play stations things are sophisticated, fast and there is more than one getaway from real boring world but retro geeks will always remember the excitement of using large pixelated magic hand cursor to enter and explore the virtual space.

8-bit mouse pointer hanger2

Geeks will feel at home with this 8-bit hanger for they always find ways to shun real world by adding virtual elements to their geek urban spaces to show off their loyalty to the other world. This virtual element made of sturdy MDF and acrylic will cost $19.99 and you can order couple of them more for no extra shipping cost!

8-bit mouse pointer hanger3

In fact hand mouse-pointer is still very much in vogue and will never go out of fashion, sometime back we saw Mirrors Designed as Cursors and Hand Cursors as Oven Mitts featured on these pages.