Crystal Ring to Open Your Door With Security

With tremendous increase in fashion trends, and showing off what you wear, I guess jewels stands on the top position of flaunting you tastes. But how about a sophisticated tiny jewel that can also act as your very own little protector? Sounds crazy? But OpenMe, such beautiful creation in the form of a ring will just be your personal spy!

Doesn’t it seem like this little gadget has just jumped out from some action movies like the Matrix, Men in Black, or just any other spy gadget from other movies? The amazing gadgets and devices that movies use absolutely leaves us dazzled and always wanting more…hoping they will see the light of day. Sometimes we wonder if gadgets used in such movies are real, or that can they actually exist. But there is no kidding here, for designer Marcial Ahsayane has this concept of OpenMe made in an incredible way, that it consists of a cute crystal ring in cut glass, while it also acts as your personal security agent by using its 3D scanner installed in through which you can open safety locks.

I am sure this stylish and elegant looking piece of jewelry is put into more than one use, 3-D scanner embedded in the door lock scans the facets of crystal, and pops open only after authenticating the cut. So you don’t have to be scared of losing your keys, for you can wear the real key on your hands all the time!

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Via: FGadgets