Voodoo Doll to Kill Internet Explorer

The hatred of the users for the Internet Explorer browser has reached such a height that now a Voodoo Doll has been made to help show one’s anger for this browser out on this doll. This IE plush has got good reasons to attract one and make people order for it as who would not like to get his wrath and irritation out on it after using the Internet Explorer. It is the lazy, uncompleted and irksome services of the Internet Explorer that such bright ideas have sprung up and everybody is enjoying giving a stab on it.

Though not available for purchase, one will still not have to look much for finding it out as making such a plush doll is just quite easy and it in fact, will take a few minutes only in the whole process. The response of people for this amazing doll and its idea and the frustration that Internet Explorer creates in the minds of the users have fueled up the likeness for this doll. Also, the easy to go and make features of this doll are encouraging almost all whoever has had a glimpse of it.


Making it is just very easy for which you will need 30-60 minutes of time only along with some other important things like blue felt, sharp scissors, a needle, threads in two colors – blue and preferably white, a pencil to draw and the cut out of the pattern, i.e., the “e”.

As first step, cut the pattern out of the felt and for fast and easy cutting, you can take a two folded felt and cut two sides of the pattern in one done only. Now take the needle and the white thread and make the two big crosses just like its eyes and one line below these to depict its sad gesture. This gesture can be made bad than this by stitching the jaws falling downward. Starting the stitching part, the inner part of the “e” should be sewed first as that makes it easy to continue the stitching work to the last without any break. As soon as one side of the “e” is finished sewed, the stuffing task needs to be done and the small-sized, smoothly cut felt prices can be good for this purposes or else wools too can replace these. So, the Voodoo Doll truly is a good way for one to kill the internet Explorer, after all, killing the browser literally will be pretty tough a job!

If you do not like IE as much, then make sure to check out the other available Internet Browsers or Opera 10.50, which may have an Opera Mini coming to the iPhone.

Via: Chigarden