Lay your hands on a shark with the Shark Mouse Concept

If you’re a shark lover or a big fan of the Jaws films, now’s your chance to personalize your computer system with the Shark mouse concept designed to give you the goose bumps with a classy touch. To give your wrists some amazing comfort, designers Alireza Haji and Mahbod Ashraf bring to you shark inspired mouse which with its sleek looks can also be used as a statuette.

Unlike the traditional ones, this shark-like mouse was made using thermoplastic that’s recyclable in nature and has been designed to have minimum contact with the surface thus reducing friction and ensuring your smooth flow of operations like a shark on water.

So go green using this eco-friendly mouse that is creatively designed by removing those parts that your palms don’t touch in the normal mouse surface. Well, if you have a phobia of sharks and keep a look out for them every time you go to the beach, here’s your chance to get rid of your fear of the Great White by simply holding it in your hands whenever you switch on your computer. So as you see technologies taking new twists, this concept will just make your work easier.

If you’re a huge Jaws fan then what more would enthrall you than to have a small miniature shark that you can control with every movement of your hand.

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via: Yankodesign