Star Wars Slippers Are The Perfect Toiletries For Star Wars Lovers!

The Star Wars saga has been ruling our hearts since it’s release in the year 1977 and has thrilled and thoroughly entertained us with it’s 2 trilogies over the years; though we just want more of it every time, don’t we? and it’s popularity and craze has very well come out in the form of books, television series, video games, comic books and what not! This time you can flaunt your Star Wars madness with the Star Wars Slippers, “May the force be with your Feet”.

The Star Wars slippers comprises of the Yoda slippers for $29.99 and also the evil Darth Vader slippers; it’s absolutely perfect to suit your mood as in you can wear Darth Vader when your in a bad mood and Yoda when your happy! These slippers are just what you need for lounging around in your house with great comfort and it comes in large size fitting most adults, though the Darth Vader slipper may look a little weird and too big on your feet. Now you can let your favorite Star Wars Character make you warm and feel cozy in the cold winter nights.

Star Wars Darth Vader slippers

You can own these awesome Star Wars slippers Darth Vader version for $29.99 a pair of slippers and display your madness!

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