Hopping Dennis Hopper Windup Tin Toy Is Almost Artsy

Sometimes, handmade toys could be so extraordinary and significant that they cease to be toys, and can safely be deemed works of art, and a great example is the Hopping Dennis Hopper head windup tin toy.

The toy was handmade by Larriva at Etsy but has already been soldout. The toy maker has used polymer clay and acrylic paint to create the head, and some wool to create the hair. The toy can be wound up and you will have Dennis Hopper hopping all over your table. The toy almost seems to tell how even the lives of great film makers, painters and photographers like Dennis Hopper is, are controlled by the rules of time and space.

No matter how successful an artist or a person is, we all have to grow old and stop functioning just like the windup tin toy stops hopping around after its time is over. You might remember Dennis Hopper from the Super Mario Bros movie, in which he played the part of King Koopa. You could also check out other cool toys that could be used on your table like the Big Alien Toy. If you prefer toy that also functions as a gadget, try the Yoyo Mobile Phone and Charger.

Via: Dude Craft