Music Robot 3 Will Make Sure Where You Go, Your Music Follows You

For all the music lovers, hold your breath, for your expectations of a perfect music player might have just reached its way into your home. A robot portable music player, tagged Mint Robot 3 will just follow you everywhere like a shadow, and will let you to continue listening to music, leaving your hands free for you to continue your work.

This gadget got its design from the tractor chained with steel chains, which were used back before World War I, thus giving this cute little robot its name Mint Robot 3: Music Tank, a first ever walking music player!

This funny little creature walks on wheels that look like a caterpillar that roams around, and also censors to avoid obstacles in front. The front is equipped with one censor that can detect human presence and can be set to follow people. This fabulous device can be controlled with Wi-Fi with wireless connection. To move this tank according to your direction, all you have to do is get a 2-D map on this portable device, and select the tank icon and drag it to the place to where you wish to move the tank.

This system by Mintpass also flaunts a USB port used to transfer songs, along with 2 speakers on the sides. Hold your breath, for when 2 music tanks get together, they detect each other to produce 3-dimensional surround sound effects.

While you might have to wait a little for this awesome gadget, check out the Speaker Bot by Lipson Robotics.