Appealing Vfx Test is the Talk of the Town

Reanimatr, has done it again when he came out with VFX test.  It is yet another awesome projection animation like the displaying mind blowing visual effects which he was able to accomplish it with the help of one photograph and some AE magic. A majority of visual effects are usually accomplished during post-production of the animation.  They are carefully planned as well as choreographed in pre-production and production. Most of the visual effect is the result of integration of live-action footage and CGI – computer generated imagery so that they could display some realistic effect. You usually come across these types of visual effects in high end films. They are costly and needs rare brains to achieve the desired results.

But Kudos! to Reanimatr, who was able to accomplish these VFX test within a period of around two days. According to Reanimatr, he used Arbeats stock footage to add the scratches over the shot.  Moreover, a composite mode is often used for overlaying a scratch video to create the desired scene.

After glancing at the animation one remains awestruck to find, as to what is happening like a birth of mug  has happened and rare figures or pattern designs are coming out of the mug, colored fountains could also be seen, even a hole has been twisted in the mug and wires are coming out going in… that’s a fantastic job. It’s inspiring visual effects are surely going to change the thinking pattern of budding artists. It will help them to come out with more such exceptional visual effects.  Other honorable work which needs mention here include Cool Sparkling Rainbow Projection and Super Mario Jesus.