Clear Vision Mk2 Figure is All Set to Give a “Mind Blown” Vision

For all the technological lovers, am sure you must have come across many geeky concepts and designs, but the creation of Clear Vision Mk2 has definitely been made with super-techno skills, as you can see in the final product.

Clear Vision Mk2 (4)

Clear Vision Mk2 (5)

Cris rose, a London based artist and designer has made amazing beautiful concepts in the past, but he came with this one, its definitely going to surpass the other gadgets. This gadget, given the name “Mind Blown”, is Clear Vision Mk2. And as the name suggests, this device was made with the concept of prototype’s field test that is now considered as the most radiated light source with macro lens in the optical field. It consists of a cracked glass cap, while you can test different light levels for image buffering.

Clear Vision Mk2 (6)Clear Vision Mk2 (3)

This mechanical system might not have been a total hit due to some flaws, but it is definitely a hit for the people looking out for large optical arrays. It has one of the most striking features like a huge head, with the biggest optical lens to sensor every picture. While this art is made up of resin and part vinyl, this “mind blown” Clear Vision mk2 stands 4.5” tall, made on the basis of a regular mini-munny.

Clear Vision Mk2Clear Vision Mk2 (2)

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2 thoughts on “Clear Vision Mk2 Figure is All Set to Give a “Mind Blown” Vision

    1. Chicago Ruth.

      Translation: It’s a camera. The dome glass makes the camera’s focusing apature (iris of the lens) to focus with varied accuracies not obtainable before somehow technically but it has many problems, so is a prototype try to a new consept design to help in their photography experiments. A buffer is somthing that lets something pre-obtian something large so while you use that part another part is being aquired. I do not know what it applies to a camera though. It was modeled after another device.


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