Star Trek Scrabble Game: Spell in Space

I’m sure space enthusiasts who also happen to be fans of the Star Trek series would love to go and play a healthy game of scrabble on The Starship Enterprise. Well, the dream is now a reality thanks to Fundex Games Ltd. They have now made a board game incorporating Star Trek into scrabble. Viola, the Star trek Scrabble game has arrived.


Scrabble is one of the most loved board games and is played throughout the globe. It is hence very rightly called a “global phenomenon”. Many families spend most of their weekends or free time making diagonal and vertical words on a board to earn the most number of points.  The Star Trek scrabble game incorporates the phenomenon of scrabble and mixes it immaculately with Star trek. The board is in the shape of a square with a circular center featuring Star Trek characters along the circumference. The colour is as “space” and “Star Trek” as it can get.

One of the many features of this version of scrabble is the ability to score a tribble. Now for Star Trek fans, this term would not be new, but for those who don’t know, tribbles were small creatures featured in the series. They indeed shot to fame amongst Star Trek fans. They are very cute indeed. What is also interesting is the fact that the tiles that sport the word tablets are very Star Trek-y too (if it makes any sense whatsoever). It indeed is a must have for anyone who loves scrabble in general and specially people who love Star Trek.

A minimum of two and a maximum of four players can play this game and enjoy the solar spelling challenge. This product attracted me primarily because of its design and secondly because it endorses Star Trek. The Star Trek scrabble game is priced at approximately $25 and for that price, it is an amazing thing to buy. It could also make an awesome birthday gift. Imagine the face of your best friends when they open the wrapping and find the most unique and amazing version of scrabble they’ve ever seen? Priceless isn’t it? Twenty odd dollars doesn’t add up to the benefit that this very amazing product provides.

If you want my two cents, then buy this product, get something to eat and drink, invite your friends over and compete in a game that is not only very addictive but also provides the Star Trek aura. Other products that will show your love for Star Trek include the Star Trek Tricorder and Star Trek voice activated light switch.