The Gigiway Music Pen Can Read Sheet Music Rather Than Pen Down One!

The pens we know today are usually used to put down our thoughts on paper so that others can have a good look at them, but hardly ever you might have come across a pen that ‘reads what written on the paper’ instead of ‘writing something down’. This Gigiway Music Pen does just that- it reads all your sheet music rather than penning them down, a tool that will enable our budding musicians to learn better.

Gigiway Musicla Pen2

The Gigiway Musical Pen is a real time, highly efficient practical guidance learning system that enables the musicians to learn two of the most recognized instruments- the Piano and the Violin in a manner that has never been possible before.

Gigiway Musicla Pen1

The pen uses a light sensor to scan the required music piece and then play it in three different modes to suit the learner via earphones or a set of hi quality Gigiway speakers, it also incorporates the use of an ‘musical notation interpreter’ that gives you information about the note you are playing.Gigiway Musicla Pen6

The pen can also be used as a digital metronome and even compare tones to make sure the instruments we are playing are in tune, and since this pen has the souls and performances of major musicians from around the world you can be sure that what you are playing is 100% accurate.

Gigiway Musicla Pen3

This pen is available in two models and is the perfect learning tool for any beginner. If you are looking for some cool instruments you should probably check out the Vespa Guitar or the i-Tab that is a great learning tool for budding guitarists. Gigiway Musicla Pen5

Gigiway Musicla Pen4