Cool Tron Lego Art Will Take You Back to the 1980s

If you were a kid in the 80s, Tron must have surely cast its spell on you with its superb light cycle scene. Well technology hasn’t progressed to such an extent for you to own the Light Cycle from the upcoming Tron Legacy, but why restrict yourself from having it in the form of a small memento? That’s quite possible with this Tron Lego creation that will surely ride its way into your Tron loving heart.

These futuristic two-wheeled light cycles were designed by Stefan as his MOC for the second round of the Mocolympics on Mocpages. The light cycles are colored in the black and white. He has also designed these sleek shaped cycles in yellow and white.

And all you die hard Tron fans out there, if you felt the scene from the film was too short well, here’s Lego art specially designed to enthrall your minds, something you can enjoy tremendously by doing it on your own, and maybe with your own color combinations!

This Lego creation is one of the unique and articulately designed creations made with perfection with two light cycles racing head to head leaving behind the walls of colored light. It keeps you wondering which rider’s going to hit the wall and get eliminated!

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