Get Your Dog His Very Own Fluffy iBone iPhone Toy

If you are a pet lover and you own one, I am sure you consider him your very own family member, and try your best to make him feel home, by providing comfortable accessories. Well, there’s something adorable you can add for your pet’s collection. How about his very own iBone iPhone toy?Fluffy iBone

Rings a bell of something similar to an iPhone? Well, sure it is in the looks, but your pet can enjoy it even more for it comes in a bigger size than an iPhone in the form of a fluffy toy. Am sure your dog might own his own dog shoes, dog clothes, his own kennels or little houses, but its time to give him his very own iPhone.

Fluffy iBone (2)

Not only is this toy just a stationary concept, but it makes funny noises, something similar to squeaks when you press this iBone. It is also beautifully designed with various application icons that are embroidered to give a very stylish look, similar to that on the real iPhone.

Fluffy iBone (3)

iBone is small enough for your pet to carry it in his jaws to wherever he wants it. It’s available in the size of 6” long and 4” wide, perfect enough for little pups too. This trendy little thing could be a perfect companion for entertainment for your pet, and is available for just $11.99.

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