File Transfers May Soon Be Introduced to Gmail Chat

Gmail has almost become the universal way of communicating with people, thanks to its interface and chat integration which includes Voice and Video chat. While it needs no introduction, most of us have wished for file transfer option to be integrated in Gmail chat as well for one has to send an email attachment otherwise.

google file transfer gmail

File transfers are available only in the Google Talk desktop app or a compatible instant messaging client, which was quite inconvenient for most people. Google has now announced the users can send photos, documents and other files through the chat feature in iGoogle and Orkut.

Google also revealed that it plans to bring the file transfer feature to Gmail chat as well, which is what we have all been wishing for from a very long time. While that may take time, users of Orkut and iGoogle can make use of this facility for now. All one needs to do is start a chat in iGoogle or Orkut, click on “Send a file” in the “Actions” tab, and the recipient will be able to either accept or decline.

However, most of us do not use Orkut and thus we shall have to wait till the File Transfer option is brought to Gmail chat as well. Recently, Google had unveiled the Google Buzz which was expected to revolutionize Gmail and Social Media. You could also read about the Gmail and Facebook Extension about which we had written sometime back.

google talk file transfer

Google Via: Read Write Web