Elegant Wood Manta Turntable for Retro and New DJs

In the era of MP4, MP3, iTunes and downloadable music and wide array of gadgets to play and store music, the good old turntables have not become museum pieces just like typewriters but are still at the heart of modern musical experience. It really feels good when one comes across modern designers who give a new lease of life to old wood charm to modern gadgets.  Maybe its sheer nostalgia which has inspired Audiowood designers to create Manta turntable.

manta turntable1

Made of strong and sturdy walnut wood with ebonized oak armboard with hand rubbed varnish and wax finish, Manta turntable really looks very sleek, elegant, rich, stylish and minimalist. Turntables transport us in to an era when music was not digitized and loaded with all frequencies, where true essence of music lay in fine tuning, pauses and silences. Modern DJ’s use analog control of digital music to their advantage by scratching, mixing and playing mesmerizing array of music for geeks and non geeks.

manta turntable2

The digital revolution no doubt has made tremendous contribution to music at all levels right from fine tuned musical instruments to recording, storing and music players but still somewhere music has lost old charm. It maybe because then music was exclusive and not everyone had access to it on earphones.

manta turntable3

If you believe something exclusive is enchanting then you will surely check out Manta and other awesome wooden turntables which retain old charm of wooden record player but yet have been modernized in subtle ways.  Ofcourse do check out this modern DJ iPod Turntable version and funny Pizza Box DJ Scratchpad too.