Freaky Steampunk Masks Will Scare Anyone they Face

Steampunk has the quality of bringing back the past in all its glory and horror at the same time. Industrial age is usually represented through Steampunk devices in order to depict the nascent stage of futurism and science-fiction.

Thus, most Steampunk influenced art and gadgets are made of copper, brass and iron which were the dominant materials during the Industrial age. As an ode to this amazing movement, Petrov and his team at Bob Basset have unveiled a series of masks that look chilling and scary.

Bob Basset is a workshop and these amazing masks are made of stones, metal, resin, glass and many other materials. There is a huge collection of gas masks, Steampunk masks, leather masks and many other things.

Each one is scarier than the other, and you might want to know what these masks stand for. Since interpretations largely depend upon the viewer and the observer, we all are free to interpret these masks in our own way.

These masks are more than just that, and they are pieces of art that need to be appreciated and admired. There is no information about how much these might cost, but art is usually priceless according to me.

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