Heart Shaped Cake, Cupcakes and Cookies

Well how about showing your love on your wedding day by giving your wife or husband a heart cake. No I’m not referring to a heart-shaped cake but the anatomical heart cake deliciously made by Debbie.Cuppie cake (4)

This cake with its killer looks resembles an actual human heart with its red arteries, green veins and the ventricles with its blood vessels all designed to detail. This cheese cake is made using blood red cream cheese and with its red and velvety looks you just can’t lay your eyes off it.

Cuppie cake (3)

Debbie has also made miniature hearts to top her Valentine’s Day and wedding cupcakes as well as heart shaped cookies. Well Debbie says she could have made these hearts on cupcakes look awfully gross and multicolored, had they been her order. So if you think these cupcakes are just too red and plain don’t worry, she would be rather pleased to help get them up for you.

Cuppie cake (2)

Well if your hubby or wife is a cardiac surgeon, this cake would be awfully cool! What more could possibly surprise them more on your wedding day or even an anniversary then a heart which you can share with each another.

For all you biology professor’s out there how about treating your student’s to some of these heart cookies or cupcakes. What would be better than learning about the blood pumping organ while actually eating it?

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