BÅHEM: an Awesome Place to Store Your Gadgets

After the outstanding design of the Glooo, designer Igor Polyakov is back with the BÅHEM, furniture specially designed for your mobile phones, game consoles, iPods, PDAs and other gadgets.BÅHEM

Don’t you keep forgetting where you kept that mobile phone or game console? Aren’t you tired of having to untangle the wires every single time you use your MP3 player or iPod? Doesn’t your room look messy with all those gadgets and wires lying all around?  If you answered yes to any of these questions well the BÅHEM will change your life.


The elegantly designed BÅHEM gives you enough space to store your smaller-sized gadgets even with their wires properly organized. So now you don’t keep your gadgets lying around, they have their own permanent home.BÅHEM (2)

BÅHEM has been designed in Cheetah 3D and is planned to be made from Corian although plywood may also be considered and with dimensions of 610 x 340 x 180, it provides enough space for all your little gadgets.

If you’re looking to refurnish you room, what’s better than something which looks elegant and at the same time takes care of all your gadgets and saves you time from having to keep looking for them? What’s better than the awesome, superbly designed gadget storehouse, the BÅHEM.


So the next time you’re looking for your mobile phone or iPod you won’t need to go through every single drawer in your room to find it!

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