Clicker Universal Remote Will Open Your Bottles

A two-in-one bottle opener cum remote control is the latest toss of the Clicker electronics and it is this feature of this remote control that enables it to stand unique in the crowd of hundred other remote controls.

Clicker Universal Remote

Now Available for only $14.99.

Truly one-of-a-kind, Clicker remote control only can deliver one with full support and is in fact, capable of controlling 9 devices altogether among which the beer bottle or that of the cold drink bottle too is one. I guess such no remote control has ever been produced before that can let one do two important things altogether.

While you sit for watching soap or that of your much awaited baseball championship, won’t you long to get a sip of some cold drinks? Simply open your refrigerator and get some chilled drinks out. No need to keep searching here and there and loitering around your kitchen to somehow find the bottle opener out. This Clicker remote control has made that easier for you. Use it anytime and many times you will find that the remote control will not step back in delivering its quality performance and similarly, intact will be its durability.

Apart from being a bottle opener, the Clicker remote control is quite compatible and technically enhanced to be capable of controlling other major devices. For being infused with 630 preset codes, there is no doubt about it supporting many other major brands and its devices. In addition to that, the remote has a one-touch system function too for which you can enjoy controlling your home theater system and all its multiple functions. The benefit is that you will have to use a single button only and then through it you can control all its controls and channels right in one done without any need to press multiple other buttons. This makes operating and controlling the home theater easier as there is absolutely no need to remember other buttons and all its respective functions.

Who would after all not be inclined to go for the Clicker remote control when such great services and usability is offered by one? Control almost all leading branded TV, DVD player, music system, home theater and satellite receiver through it and enjoy chilling sips of cold drinks. What else does one craves for while sitting for a complete fun-filled weekend celebration in front of the TV? The Clicker remote control cum bottle opener, therefore, is an adequate option to grab for the consumers. And, if you are interested to buy it, you can visit the Clicker website.

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Clicker Via: Unpluggd