Zippo Hand Warmer Keeps Your Hands Warm And Toast When It Matters The Most

The winter season is long gone and we are about to welcome the sunny summers, but if you just roll back a few months from now you would remember the cold wintry nights that seemed just perfect to grab a warm rug and go to bed, also needless to mention the warm bonfires or the campfires we used to light just to keep ourselves warm. One thing that bugged me the most were cold hands and the new Zippo is here to kill the very same problem.

Zippo Hand warmer1The Zippo is a hand warmer that is designed to keep your palms and fingers warm and toast when it matters the most, manufactured by the very same company that makes cigarette lighters, this cool gadget is here to end all the winter woes. Wearing a rugged metal body and a cool-sleek compact design with a convenient filter this hand warmer comes in it’s very own trendy pouch.

Zippo Hand warmer2

The Zippo is also re-usable as it comes with a Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid that offers continuous warmth for 12 hours at one go, since it is odorless it is perfect for hunters or mid-winter picnics and outdoor excursions. Selling for just $19.99 this is one sure buy item for the coming winters.

Zippo Hand warmer3

You can also check out the other cool accessories like the Star Wars Buckles or the Smiley Toaster that promises to put a smile on your face and your toast alike.