Fight Club Soap Gets You Ready For The World

“The first rule of Fight Club is You don’t talk about Fight Club.” Lucky for us here at Walyou, the rule does not apply to Fight Club merchandise. That’s right folks, here comes a soap inspired by Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Fight Club, and no, this one doesn’t look like it’s made from human fat collected from the dumps behind some liposuction clinic.

fight club soap

Even better news are, you don’t need to be part of an underground club to use this soap, as a two-soap set is available to anyone looking for it for $25. Now the main question is, does this soap make you look and take a punch like Tyler Durden? For the record, this probably is the only thing about Fight Club that does not come with a DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME warning. Moreover, this soap might just make a mundane Monday morning fun. Imagine reaching your office or school after having taken a shower using the Fight Club soap – you will be ready to take on not just some corporates in the office or bullies in the school, but the whole world. If ever there was a confidence boosting soap, this is it!

A few mythbusters about this soap though – it does not guarantee you will have a cooler and better looking alter ego after regular use of this soap, although it will leave you cleaner and dirt free. Secondly, it does not cure brawling and sparring bruises. Maybe it’s the manufacturer’s way of saying that the world is a lot safer with hygiene replacing violence without giving up on the cool quotient.

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Via: Uncrate