When There is Darkness, this Sneaky Handheld Video Camera is Set To Spy on You

As the summer break is nearing, I guess every one must be booking into their favorite places to relax, chill and all geared for a travelling spree. Well, so the most basic thing you would want to carry with you is the perfect camera to capture all the pretty moments. But you don’t know which camera to get? Then check out this handheld video camera, a perfect device to be packed into your backpack.Video Camera is Set To Spy on You

This camera just stands out from the rest for the shots it can deliver even in pitch darkness, providing you with the best clarity than others, letting you to spy on anything! This is possible with the two LED lamps that are fit into this video camera, through which you can adjust the direction of your light source upon the object to be shot, and the perfect picturesque will just be a click away.

Video Camera is Set To Spy on You (2)

So all photographers, don’t miss this high resolution camera that can capture glare-free close-ups with its flexible video borescope, being water resistant at the same time. Powered by four AA batteries, this camera also features magnetic and hook attachment, and you can enjoy all the moments captured with consistently amazing performance, with its TV video output.

Video Camera is Set To Spy on You (3)

With a length of 45”, and a10mm head, it is perfect enough to fit into your carry bag, at a price of just $99.99.

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