Salt and Pepper Shakers Commemorate Space Invaders

Need a clever way to display your geeky side? These Space Invaders salt and pepper shakers may be just what you’re looking for…especially if you a are a geek at the dining table.

Designed by Anderson Horta, the set showcases two memorable characters from the classic ATARI game in a way sure to put a smile on the face of any child of the ’80s. The bright colors and simple, pixelated designs bring memories of a time before the incredible graphics of systems like Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii were expected standards. Back when simple two-button controls were enough to fascinate even the most avid video game player and your cool status depended on keeping your initials on the high score list of your local arcade.

Since its release in 1978, Space Invaders has held a special place in the hearts of gamers. So much so that the game has made guest appearances on shows from Scrubs to That ’70s Show and the iconic enemy alien is recognized worldwide as a symbol synonymous with gaming itself.

Space Invaders is widely praised as one of the greatest influences in helping video games as a whole become a global industry. After its release, Japan experienced a shortage of 100-yen coins. Even more impressive, Guinness World Records cited it as the top-rated arcade game of all time for creative, cultural, and technical impact and it is still a contender in many other categories in the special Gamer’s Edition which Guinness puts out each year.

Unfortunately, if you were planning on purchasing a set of these salt and pepper shakers to pay tribute to the award winning game-that-started-it-all, you’re out of luck. The only set lives as a concept piece and is not available for sale. Fear not, you can still celebrate your retro love through a chic Space Invaders lampshade or with some tasty chocolate Space Invaders.

via: hardware sphere