Twitter and Facebook Mousepads for Social Media Freaks

Twitter and Facebook Mousepads with the questions “Where are you pointing?” or “What’s on your mouse pad?” look like the real screen of these two applications.

twitter facebook mousepad

All of us have become twitter and facebook addicts since the wave of social networking swept across the internet world. Looking at this growing demand of socializing, various companies have started developing our daily use products based on social lines. I guess most of you would have bought cute yet geeky Social Media Icons Pillows for your living room, now it is time to take your love for these applications to the next level.

twitter mousepad

Think about it…If you can get glued to facebook or twitter, why can’t your computer mouse? The latest mousepads from Meninos would give your mouse a reason to say “Thank You” by assuring that your mouse doesn’t remain socially aloof.

facebook mousepad

It is better that you don’t expect these mousepads to change the status online by magic, as these are like an ordinary mousepad. Nor you can change the status on the mousepad unless you pick a permanent marker and write what your heart desires. But, you can do this, buy these and share your experience by posting about these mousepads on your facebook wall or twitter account.

These mousepads are built from high-quality cloth material to let the users enjoy a precise and consistent glide on the non-slip rubber base. Both the mousepads measure 7 x 8.2 inches each and can be bought at a price of $17.99 (price of two, you can save up to $6).

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